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Pet Hair Removal Brush


Color: Pink S

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Why buy the hair removal comb for Dogs & Cats?


Two-way Knife Head: Dematting rake inside curved sharp blade to cut dead knot quickly, Easy to open/avoid tearing and spoiling.

Comfortable brushing: Ergonomic anti-slip grip combing convenient and relaxed. Stainless steel demat rake is ultra-durable and easy to clean.

Protects pet skin: Stainless steel round teeth make it safer and more comfortable on pet skin. Our Dematting tool not only helps remove undercoats and loose hair without pulling or cutting the fur but also cuts through knots and gets the mats out without scratching pet skin.

Keep your pets safe: The rounded ends of teeth do not hurt your pet's skin but it is great for massage, please gently brush on sensitive skin, Dredging Care to Promote Skin Health.

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